The Mind of a Paranormal Investigator

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I am not sure about the rest of you but I have magnetic signs on the side of my truck that have our teams logo and web site on it. I don’t know if this is good practice or not. I bring this up because this morning I was driving to work and twice when I was stopped at a traffic light I had cars pull up to the side of me look at the magnet and then slowly pull up to the front of the truck and then stare into my window. The first time I wiped my nose thinking I had something hanging out of it but I didn’t. Other than the nose thing I didn’t really think twice about it until it happened the second time, different car same look. I understand how difficult it maybe for some people to understand what it is I exactly do and why I do it. This is one of the many difficulties, I, as a Paranormal Investigator, am glad to deal with. I think that I am going to start carrying a skull mask in the truck so next time this happens I could slip it on and really give them something to look at. I know they may just be curious to see what a Paranormal investigator looks like.

I am here to tell all those people who want to know or are just curious, that I as a Paranormal Investigator look just like anyone else, I have a job, I have a family, I go to church, I am a proud veteran and served in a war, and unfortunately I pay taxes. I am really no different from you in many ways. I know, that paranormal investigators have become popularized through television. I ask you to not judge me. I am not like you see on TV.

I believe the majority of the Paranormal Investigation teams missions are all the same. Mine is this I am here to aid the living, who are experiencing severe, disturbing, or friendly/frightening paranormal activity in their lives. I take an unbiased, logical, scientific, and professional approach. While at the same time I attempt to discover the truth behind the event, to offer closure for all those affected; living or dead. I specialize in the investigation and paranormal phenomenon. My vision is to collect information and analyze available evidence about the phenomenon experienced by the living, and attempt to find a cause and solution. I adhere to my beliefs and its method and philosophy about situations deemed as paranormal phenomenon. I further affirm that I am dedicated to the continued study of the paranormal and attempting to help you develop a better understanding of what they are experiencing in your life to the best of my knowledge. I believe in the Paranormal, proving that it exist is not my goal. I accept, that you may have the belief that such a thing doesn’t exist, and for those who don’t or can’t believe I say this, ” I will never have enough proof for you because no proof is possible”. To those who do believe no proof is needed.”

I think most people today want to be seen as modern thinkers and not superstitious. Admitting to an experience is not normally accepted as real and opens people up to being criticized. So, there are people who say they believe only in what science has “proven.” What if those people had lived a few hundred years ago, how do you think they would have reacted to being told about electricity or about the ability to see the images of people large distances away through television, etc? Don’t get me wrong, people are entitled to what they want to believe that is why we as Paranormal investigators do what we do. We help those who may have a doubt and help them understand that it is OK.

The term “Paranormal Investigator” can include anyone interested in many areas of the paranormal such as Aliens or UFO’s, and yes, even ghosts. The key word in this title, however is “Investigator”. Webster’s Dictionary describes an “Investigator” as someone who will observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry: to make a systematic examination: to conduct an official inquiry. The Paranormal Investigator attempts to rule out all possible natural explanations, are open minded and inquisitive, do not make assumptions and do not just assume ghosts exist, they take a scientific approach to their research and many are versed in a variety of other areas of related fields such as Parapsychology, Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Environmental, geological, and others. The Paranormal Investigator, not only uses good quality equipment when conducting an investigation, but they also know what the equipment is used for, how to use it properly and how to analyze the data they collect and correlate it with other types of evidence to have a greater view of a situation. If no evidence is apparent, they take it for what it is. Good or Bad. They do not attempt to make it fit their hypotheses. The Investigator conducts research on the area they are investigating in hopes of getting clarification on some of the evidence they may have collected. I believe also that most if not all of the Paranormal Investigation teams also go as far as offering some type of cleansing protocol or spiritual help if needed. Most of the Paranormal and Ghost hunting teams on the web are in fact Paranormal Investigators. If you are in the need of help from one of these teams or individuals, just be aware of their beliefs and their objectives.

My beliefs on the Paranormal are as follows; I believe in ghost and the supernatural, no one has to prove this phenomena to me. I believe that we as human beings develop such a bond with our families and loved ones that it makes it hard sometimes to move on after we pass. I believe that someone in life can get so comfortable with their surroundings they are unable to pass because this is where they feel most alive. I also believe that our emotions are so strong that the emotion itself can create a spirit of a passed loved one. When it comes to being a Paranormal Investigator my goal along with my Paranormal team is to investigate these phenomena, which includes collecting data and evidence through various equipment. We review the data and evidence collected with hopes of not only gathering further proof of the Paranormal but to also rule out the possibility of it actually being a natural occurrence. Using the evidence and data, our team tries to find the answers to why certain things happen at certain times. We try and find out why a spirit shows itself to someone or at some place but not to everyone and every place. We try to find out through our questioning if the spirit is a relation to a home owner or something else. These are just some of the things we try to get answers for. We record and file all of our investigation with hope of finding a common link between this world and the next.

The Difference between A Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Investigator.

My dad us to always say “that all catfish are fish, but not all fish are catfish”. This saying goes true for these different types of individuals. All Paranormal Investigators are Ghost Hunters, but not all Ghost hunters are Paranormal Investigators.

If you were to look around the web, you would find that there are quite a few “Ghost Hunter” and “Paranormal Investigation” teams. We have all heard these terms often and assume that they are the same. I think that there is a difference between the “Ghost Hunter” and the “Paranormal Investigator”. There are several aspects of each of these titles that express what these people do and how they look at the field. Let’s take a look at each of them. This is just my opinion so please keep that in mind when reading.


This title pretty much says it all. To hunt ghosts would imply that these individuals assume that there are ghost and they are on a quest to find them. The basic definition of a hunter is one who hunts. I think that these are the individuals that you will find walking around a cemetery or an abandoned building late at night with a flashlight, a digital camera, maybe a Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF), and a voice recorder and hoping to see something that will scare the mess out of them. To me these individuals are just thrill seekers with little or no education in the Paranormal field. These individuals know what the equipment is but rarely know the proper way to use it. The images, readings on their meters, and the sounds that are on their recorders they take as proof positive of a ghost. When they watch Ghost Hunting shows on TV, they accept them as actual reality of the Paranormal field. Don’t get me wrong I believe that all of us Paranormal Investigators were once Ghost Hunters and that really is not a bad thing, and I believe that we revert back to a Ghost Hunter every now and again. A practical Ghost Hunter makes a great Paranormal Investigator.


Orbs – Paranormal Apparitions Or Natural Occurrence?

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In the paranormal investigations and studies field there are many different mysteries. While we still can’t put a clear scientific answer to a lot of these mysteries there are a few we can. One such mystery is the ORB, while many amateurs and some professionals are convinced of it’s evidence of paranormal activity many do not share this view. In fact most of the paranormal research groups out there accept the truth about orbs and readily educate others concerning this truth. So what is this truth you ask?

The truth is they are not paranormal at all, in fact they are quite a normal occurrence So that leaves the question of “What exactly are orbs?” quite simply put they are balls of EME (electromagnetic energy). These are natural formations of energy that groups together quite possibly due to its magnetic force or opposite poles (magnetic poles) attracting. These formations are visible only to the aided eye and are more commonly viewed through Infrared saturation of a room (Ie. a dark room with night shot).

So why do they only seem to be shown during paranormal investigations? The answer to this is more simple than you could imagine, paranormal investigations make the most frequent use of dark rooms and infrared technology. A practice not commonly used when filming the family vacation. A common theory amongst paranormal researchers is that ghosts or spirits absorb electromagnetic energy to help manifest themselves or influence our world. So true orbs can be precursors to a manifestation of a spirit, but not the spirit itself.

Truth be told most orbs in pictures and videos are nothing more than dust contamination and pesky little flying insects. These elements cause such problems for analyzing evidence that they are more often than not discarded as nothing more than “dust”. A true orb will generate its own light not reflect it, meaning your video or camera would pick it up without the use of flash or it appears in an area not affected by the flash or infrared devices. They also move erratically and swiftly leaving behind a trail or “tail” in their wake. while dust does this too it is much slower and does not leave the tail. Finally they are not round as common belief but usually more elliptical due to their movement and are rarely caught stationary.

False orbs unlike true orbs will travel in packs (multiple orbs in one shot), true orbs are rarely seen in packs. These false orbs also move significantly slower that true orbs and will more often than not have a defined flight plan. Don’t be fooled by these videos online as most of them are edited with after effects and or green screen technology. Their true intent is to discredit the paranormal field and often will depict dangerous and malicious activity. Those videos are fake and do those of us professionals out there serious discredit.

In conclusion the truth about orbs is that they are no more paranormal than that guy at the deli ordering the peanut butter and egg sandwich (disgusting!). They are only normal occurrences and are usually ignored by professionals. So next time you see one of those videos or a friend raves about the paranormal orbs in his or her pictures you know the truth now and you can educate others so as they wont be fooled by the dust bunny invasion too.

Bruce Linn