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Paranormal Group – How To Start Your Own Paranormal Investigations Group

April 14th, 2022

Popular TV shows like the X-Files sparked a lot of interest in the paranormal and led to the formation of paranormal investigations groups. A typical online search will reveal a paranormal group in almost every state.

Sadly though, groups flare up then die down just as quickly. Forming a paranormal group is easy but keeping it going is the hard part. Lack of commitment and dedication by members causes the groups to topple one after the other. Few have managed to last for more than a year.

Starting A Paranormal Group

So how do you go about maintaining the momentum in order to keep the paranormal investigations group alive and kicking?

First and foremost, you must recruit members who are truly committed to the cause. It’s not an issue of quantity rather quality of the members. A large group of thrill chasers will not go anywhere. They will get bored as soon as technical and organizational aspects of group dynamics creep in. Less is more when it comes to paranormal group formation.

The next factor to consider is the type of paranormal investigations group you wish to form. That is, will the group be registered as a profit or non-profit society? Legally, a non-profit society is allowed to raise funds from the public but under close supervision by the IRS. A non-profit paranormal group will have to come up with creative means of raising money to support their expenses. This might include selling items such as branded Tee-shirts, caps and even ghost hunting software in order to sustain your operations.

Running A Paranormal Investigations Group

Once the group is up and running, you must establish a constitution with a set of bylaws and code of conduct for members. This document is supposed to guide you in all ground operations. Clearly defined steps of electing officials, use of resources, new membership and such details will make up the constitution. Meeting schedules and agendas will also be guided by the paranormal group constitution. Of course you will also have to elect a Club President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Afterwards, the group members can meet and decide how to raise funds for paranormal research. Also, the group can have a lead investigator who will guide and teach the rest, especially those who have no prior experience in paranormal investigations.

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It takes a lot of investment in time, money, and will power to maintain a paranormal investigations group. However, if planned and managed well, the group will have lots of fun and educative encounters in the world of the paranormal.

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